Phuket Thai Spa & Massasje - Aromaterapi Oslo, Thai Massasje Oslo

    Phuket Thai Spa & Massasje - Aromaterapi Oslo, Thai Massasje Oslo
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Besøksadresse :  Waldemar Thranes Gate 63
0173 Oslo
Postadresse : Waldemar Thranes Gate 63
0173 Oslo
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Beskrivelse for Phuket Thai Spa & Massasje - Aromaterapi Oslo, Thai Massasje Oslo

1. Special Offer: 15 min Shoulder neck and back massage, 180 kr.

2. Thai Traditional Massage, 1 hr 600 kr
The therapist uses hands knees, legs and feet to move you in a series of yoga like stretches.

3. Thai Herbal Massage, 11 / 2 hr 1000 kr
Stimulate and increase blood circulation. Reduce muscle contraction and treat aches and pains.

4. Aromatherapy Massage, 1 hr 600 kr
Relaxing and stimulating, it incorporates a special massage technique and uses aromatic oils on the whole body to invigorate those suffering from fatigue, including jet lag.

5. Swedish Massage, 1 hr 600 kr
Focuses on body systems using various styles and techniques. It is the precursor of the various types of oil massage and most massages for skin and muscle treatment incorporate the Swedish style.

6. Sport Massage, 1 hr 800 kr
A special form of massage typically used before, during and after athletic events. The purpose of the massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to reduce swelling, to relieve muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injury.

7. Foot Massage (Reflexology), 1 hr 600 kr
Reflexology assessment is made when stress cues are evaluated. Stress cues are parts of the foot or hand that display adaptation to stress, for example callusing, knobbly toes or bunions. Other indications can be sensitivity to touch or irregularities felt by the therapist during treatment. The assessment of these stress cues allows the reflexologist to target areas of stress and to tailor a session of pressure applications designed to provide relaxation and relief specific to the individual.

8. Foot Spa , Hand Spa, 1 hr 1000 kr Cleansing of skin and nails, herbal scrubs and masks

9. Hot Stone Massage, 1 hr 1000 kr
Stone Massage evolved from healers taking rocks from river beds and warming them over hot coals on in warm water. By placing and arranging the hot stones along the energy lines and centres of the body, they found a healing process occurred. The hot stones tend to relax the muscles and draw out pain and discomfort.

10. Indian Ayurveda Head Massage, 1 hr 1000 kr
Uses oil massage and reflexology on the head

11. Cellulite Massage 2 hrs 2000 kr.
20 min hot cream massasge wrap for upper thighs, upper armswaist and stomach
20 min drying by electric blankets
20 min scrub with herbs+honey+milk+salt scrub
15 min. soaking baths milk
45 min slimming oil +slimmingcream massage tighten the skin with cold jel.

12. Body Treatment Exfoliation, 2 hrs. 1500
kroil massage, sauna, scrub, herbs mask , soaking baths milk+form bath in jacuzzi

13. Facial Massage, 1 hr 500 kr
Milk cleansing oil, toner, milk + salt, herbal scrub, ozone, massage cream, maskSpecial masks
Extra chargeCold mask +300 kr
Dong Quaigmentation mask +400 kr
Special mask +800 kr
Sheep Placenta & Embryo extract +800 kr
Seaweed Jelly Herb (3 treatments) +1500 kr

14. Shiatsu Japanese Stomach Massage, 1 hr 600 kr

15. Treatment for Postnatal Physical and Mental Stress, 3 hrs 3000 kr, or 5 (3 hr) treatments for 12000 kr, or 7 treatments for 15000 kr Herb sauna, herb scrub, Thai massage, stomach massage with hot salt in clay pot, shower with warm herbs

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